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Administration and Cost of Elections (ACE) Project
A site with detailed information about all practical aspects of the conduct of elections, including electoral systems.  The systems are subdivided into Majority-Plural systems, Semi-Proportional systems and PR systems and contain explanations, case-studies of countries in which they used, and advantages and disadvantages.

A guide to the key features of the main election systems also awarding ratings for proportionality, voter choice etc.

Electoral Change Coalition of British Columbia (ECCO): Electoral Systems
A comparison of different electoral systems using data from elections in British Columbia.

Report of the Independent Commission on the Voting System
The full text of the Jenkins Report (published in October 1998) including a glossary of main electoral systems and detailed analysis of those systems in the light of the criteria set down for the Commission.  Also the arguments in favour of the Alternative Vote Plus (AV+).

A site aimed particularly at young people.  It gives simple explanations of the main voting systems.

Specific Systems

a) Additional Member System (AMS) aka Mixed Member Proportional (MMP)

Electoral Reform Coalition (New Zealand)
A definition and illustration of MMP as used in New Zealand.

Our Electoral System: MMP
A voter-friendly
explanation of MMP as used in New Zealand.

b) Alternative Vote Plus (AV+)

Report of the Independent Commission on the Voting System
The full text of the Jenkins Report (published in October 1998) including the arguments in favour of the Alternative Vote Plus (AV+).

The Politico's Guide to Electoral Reform in Britain
An analysis of the electoral and political effects of the Alternative Vote Plus as proposed by the Jenkins Commission.

c) List Systems

Voting Systems
A site making the case against First Past the Post and in favour, particularly, of list systems of proportional representation.  It starts simply and gradually goes into more depth.  Also contains a voting simulation game/demonstration.

d) Single Transferable Vote (STV) aka Hare-Clark System

Hare-Clark Electoral System
A fact-sheet with basic information about the way the Hare-Clark (STV) system works in Tasmania.  Also includes a link to 16 frequently asked questions about Hare-Clark.

Ireland: The Archetypal Single Transferable Vote at the Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (IDEA).  An article by Michael Gallagher which gives historical background, a straight-forward description and analysis of the system and its application in Ireland.

The Single Transferable Vote in Action: 1921 - 1998
Scroll down the page for a general introduction to STV.  The site also contains specific information about the way the system works in Malta and a sizeable bibliography on the topic.


Approval Voting Homepage
Detailed information about Approval Voting as well as links to information about other voting systems.

Condorcet's Method
Information on the Condorcet Method of electing officials in single seat elections, including an interactive demonstration.

Democracy Evolves!
A site which explains and demonstrates voting methods for elections and meetings with a particular emphasis on Condorcet's rule and STV.  Also includes a voting simulation game/demonstration.

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