Confirmed Supporters of Proportional Representation in Canada
Compiled by Canadians for Proportional Representation
National Organizations Internet Address (web or email)
Canadians for Direct Democracy 
Christian Heritage Party of Canada 
Constituent Assembly Now 
Communist Party of Canada 
Democracy Watch 
Green Party of Canada
Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada
Natural Law Party of Canada 
Reform Party of Canada
Provincial Organizations Internet Address (web or email)
Fair Voting BC 

Electoral Change Coalition of British Columbia 

Conservative Party of BC
Family Coalition Party of BC
Green Party of BC
Progressive Democratic Alliance of BC
Reform Party of BC
Green Party of Alberta
Forum Party of Alberta 

Alberta New Democrats

no email - call 506-450-0418  

Green Party of Manitoba
Freedom Party of Ontario
Green Party of Ontario
New Democratic Party of Ontario
Equality Party of Quebec
Parti de la Démocratie Socialiste du Quebec
Confederation of Regions Party of New Brunswick
Green Party of Newfoundand and Labrador
International Supporters of PR Internet Address (web pr email)
Center for Voting and Democracy (USA)
Democracy Evolves (USA)
Electoral Reform Society (UK)
New Democracy (USA)
Proportional Representation Library (USA)
 Democratic Audit               
 (University of Essex)